An ‘Outstanding’ Trainer in Software Development with more than 10 years experience as an ICT teacher and Head of Department, with a passion for technology and its uses. Continuing to develop existing and new skills and courses, primarily in web design using PHP, JavaScript (including ES2015, TypeScript, Angular2 and React), HTML, CSS and SQL but also OOP (Java), Programming Foundations (using Python), DevOps (Git, CI/CD, etc) and Agile/Scrum. Practically minded, a quick learner and a problem solver with an attention to detail to ensure high quality outcomes.


  • Graded ‘Outstanding’ against OFSTED criteria in last observation (carried out by TotalPeople Training Provider at Bright Future Software)
  • Developing and delivering training to Software Development Apprentices across a range of disciplines including OOP (Java), web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP) and project management in an Agile Environment
  • Provided on-site customer training in the use of bespoke software and instrumentation in role as a Test and Installation Engineer
  • Delivered internal training courses to field-based engineers in role as Product Support Engineer
  • Provided ‘In-Service Training’ for colleagues on the use of IT and software within their role
  • Teacher of ICT for 10 years, 6 as the Head of Department, ages 11 to 18 up to A-Level, increasing number of students successfully achieving GCSE qualification to 90% of the cohort
  • Successfully created and delivered curriculum resources covering a wide range of IT skills and products (including MS Access, Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash) including populating a Moodle Virtual Learning Environment
  • Delivered training courses to suppliers on the use of test equipment in role as a Product Assurance Engineer


  • In depth knowledge of HTML5/CSS3
  • Experience with vanilla Javascript, jQuery, JSON, AngularJS
  • Experience with PHP, OO PHP, mySQL and some exposure to ZEND framework
  • Experience with Bootstrap
  • Use of WordPress and its themes and plug-ins
  • Able to work in an Agile environment and good understanding of Scrum processes


  • Diverse range of IT skills in software and hardware
  • Understanding of a range of programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and Java
  • Advanced knowledge of office applications (especially versions of MS Office to 2010) including high-level use of spreadsheets and databases (including VBA and SQL queries) and producing document templates
  • Experienced in the use of creative media tools such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash to create websites, website components and other presentation materials
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues including system updating and component installation and replacement


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to relate and present to a range of ages, ability levels and backgrounds
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with colleagues and all other stakeholders
  • Devising and delivering training courses and materials for colleagues in the use of ICT in their specific roles
  • Attention to detail in a clear and concise writing style


  • Managing teams of teachers/trainers in the delivery of qualifications across different subject areas
  • Conducting Appraisals under a Performance Management process, setting and reviewing targets and challenging under-performance
  • Responsibility for conducting Self-Assessment reporting and subsequently writing, implementing and monitoring Quality Improvement Plans
  • Monitoring and tracking performance of learners against set targets and deadlines to ensure high and timely achievement
  • Performing observations of teaching/training against OFSTED criteria and agree actions as a result
  • Decision making regarding curriculum design and direction, teaching methods, departmental budgets and staff recruitment
  • Leadership qualities and the ability to manage challenging behaviour effectively
  • Mentoring and appraising colleagues in Initial Teacher Training and other roles through developing and supporting them with personal and professional problems


  • Ability to manage and prioritise workload to meet multiple deadlines
  • Responsible for accurate and complete submission of examination board documentation to external deadlines


  • Test and Installation engineer on LC-MSMS triple-quadrupole instruments (Micromass Quattro Ultima) testing systems on the shop floor and also installing instruments and peripheral devices on customers’ sites
  • Product Assurance Engineer for the Ultima, working with suppliers on testing for turnkey shipping of the instruments
    • Created testing rigs for analyser housings
    • Devised test specification instructions to meet minimum product specifications for use at suppliers
    • Trained supplier’s staff on administration of the tests
    • Identified, challenged and rectified increases in non-conformance of components with suppliers
  • Product Support Engineer for ThermoFinnigan providing support for Field Engineers on the TraceMS single quadrupole detector and the Tempus TOF instrument